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Past Events

Snack On These!

Introducing the first of the neon glow line up! We call it✨Berry Poppins✨
For this galactic experience, we gathered:
– Strawberry milkshake glaze infused with stardust,
– Moon rocks that pop and fizzle when crunched,
– Bite sized mini donuts to hold it all together!
Available during GLOW in Green Square!

Fish tacos

Crispy hoki on authentic tortillas, paired with mild Nước chấm slaw with freshly picked herb mix, dressed with beetroot garlic aioli.


Chick' N Chipz
Sesamiso Bowl

Sesamiso Bowl

Chicken or Tofu

Pickled radish, red onion, edamame, fried shallot, mixed cabbage, snow pea sprout, spring onion, sushi rice, roasted sesame & miso dressing

Ho Chi Mint

Featuring the fluffiest Hokkaido milk buns, sweet pickles, Nước chấm slaw with mint & kaffir lime leaf, chili jam mayo & melted burger cheese, in addition to our signature light crunch tenderz to leave bursts of fragrant freshness in every bite!

Chick' N Chipz
Sesamiso Bowl

Crispy Fish Kebab

Featuring battered hoki, sumac spiced fattoush, cornichons, crispy pita, house made toum, and chilli chips.

Chick’ N Chipz

Supa-crunch light and crispy chicken tenders tossed in five spice salt, paired with nori umami salt, served with house made garlic toum sauce and pink pickles. 

Chick' N Chipz
Loaded Twister

Loaded Twister

A loaded up version of the classic chip-on-a-stick, sandwiched between two supa-crunch tenders, double sauced up with garlic toum and cheddar cheese, and finally finished with pork floss. A beloved snack for all the ages.

Miso Cauliflowa

Deliciously light, these florets are crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside, paired with homemade garlic mayo and sesamiso glazing, even carnivores will be fighting for more.

Chick' N Chipz

The Gist

We aim to bring a multifaceted experience by harnessing our innate playfulness and take inspiration from things along our travels that we found joyful, and mash it together to create a fulfilling experience. Reimagined to serve more than nourishment, we want to share a moment of connection to everyone.

The decals on the truck aim to reinvoke the inner child in all of us to travel back into a more colourful mindscape, and rekindle excitement on the daily.

Sydney has fallen behind on being fun after dark unless booze is involved, we want to help our beloved city reclimb the world listings for a sober 24 hour city destination!

Talk to us about everything that is exciting! such as:

– Corporate promotions and events

– Product launches & testing

– Activations & Engagement 

– Food truck hire

And things we haven’t thought about yet!


Eye Candy


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