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A retro neon food truck offering worldly infusions on timeless Favourites 

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Yum Cha

Classic yum cha embraces bold, modern twists in our menu. With offerings that pay homage to tradition while featuring inventive creations like cheeseburger and butter chicken dumplings, we serve up comfort food that evokes nostalgia and celebrates the cherished practice of gathering over tea.


Noodle Soups

Tonkotsu Ramen W Chashu/Karaage or Sliced raw beef Phở

Our noodle soups, from savory ramen to aromatic pho, are a warm embrace in a bowl. Each spoonful is a journey through rich broths and fresh, vibrant ingredients, a testament to the art of slow-cooked flavors and the joy of heartwarming meals shared among friends.

Rice bowls

Our rice bowls bring together beloved flavors from across Asia, offering a tapestry of tastes in each dish. From the hearty comfort of katsu curry to the refined simplicity of wagyu gyudon, and the fresh zest of a poke bowl, these bowls are a celebration of diverse culinary traditions, crafted to satisfy the soul and connect us through the universal language of food.

Chick' N Chipz
Loaded Twister

Fried ice cream

Our fried ice cream, with its array of gelato cores and eclectic toppings, is a playful finale to your culinary journey. Encased in a warm, crispy shell, each bite melds the cool richness of gelato with a delightful crunch, offering a myriad of flavors to enchant and surprise. It’s a whimsical twist on a classic treat, designed to bring a smile and a moment of indulgent joy.

Vegetarian options

Our vegetarian selections are a testament to the versatility and richness of plant-based cuisine. Savor the innovative vegan Peking duck pancakes, the robust flavors of miso cauliflower, and the delicate craftsmanship of our dumplings. Each dish is carefully composed to deliver a symphony of flavors, proving that vegetarian options can stand proudly alongside any culinary creation.

Chick' N Chipz
Loaded Twister


Tuck into our Baos, a perfect parcel of flavors: Imagine fluffy buns filled with a variety of succulent fillings, from spicy pulled pork to a fusion of shiitake mushrooms and tofu, each Bao is a hand-held delight that combines tradition with a twist of modern taste.

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