Bad Never Tasted So Good – Welcome to Dessert Dealer’s Den of Delights

Honeycomb Waffles

Honeycomb Waffles to scratch that sweet itch or satisfy your savory craving. One crispy-soft bite and you’ll be an addict for these versatile waffle contraband, whether drizzled with belgian chocolate sauces or packing a cheesy, herby punch. 


  • Strawberry & Nutella
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Ferrero Rocher
  • Caramel & Biscoff
  • Lemon Meringue*
  • Apple Pie*


  • Chipotle Chicken*
  • Avo & Feta*
  • Smoked Salmon*

Gluten free alterntive available!*

*Subject to availability and can be requested

Churro bowls

Crispy Churro Bowls loaded with enough cinnamon-sugar kick to get you strung out on sweetness. One hit of these illicit edible vessels filled with ice cream, sauces, and toppings will have you chasing that sugar high again and again. Consider yourself warned – this dessert racket is highly addictive..

  • Simply Nutella
  • Apple Pie*
  • Lemon Meringue*

*Subject to availability and can be requested.


ice cream

Fried Ice Cream Bombs. One crack of the crispy fried exterior releases a payload of creamy, frozen euphoria. These covert dessert munitions pack an explosive blend of temperature sensations that’ll blow your mind.

  • Jersey Milk
  • Vanilla Bean*
  • Black Sesame*
  • Cookies & Cream*
  • Miso Caramel*

*subject to availability and can be requested.


Light Bulb Lemonades. These glowing, neon-powered refreshments are liquid lightning, packing a tart-sweet jolt that’ll have you hooked. One sip of these radiant, illicit libations and you’ll be craving another hit of their tangy, vibrant high.


Milkshake cups featuring our ‘Little Buddy’ Accomplices. These adorably devious dessert sidekicks arrive packing a creamy, flavored punch that’ll leave you grinning from ear-to-ear. From cookies & cream to Bueno, these milkshake felons are specially trained to deliver maximum sweetness and smiles.

donut fries

These sugar-dusted batons are cut with some of the most potent dessert narcotics on the street – Bueno, Kit Kat, Nutella and Oreo. One taste and you’ll be strung out, helplessly bingeing on these fried-pastry pipes packed with chocolate, candy and cookie contraband.


Churro Sticks and their sinsational lineup of Dipping Narcotics. These piping hot, cinnamon-sugar churro cannons are extruded to perfection for drenching in our underground reserves of molten chocolate, salted caramel, and nutty pistachio dip.



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